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Why hookedin?

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hookedin direct

hookedin allows you to use bitcoin as a consumer or to accept bitcoin payments for your business, offering in both cases attractive advantages

Send and Receive

Trade with other individuals within hookedin or externally. Fast and with very low fees.


Use hookedin wallet to keep your bitcoin safely for later use


hookedin platform will allow you to process bitcoin payments from your customers, safely, cost effectively and hands free. Super easy to generate your own deposit addresses offline.

The most private service

There will be no way to track your transactions, hookedin offers you the most private service in the market.

All transactions are secured by blinded schnorr signatures.

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Save on fees!

hookedin uses a state-of-the-art algorithm for coin selection to ensure the fees paid in bitcoin transactions are the lowest possible.

It's fast, almost instant!

Trading within hookedin with other users is very fast. You don't need to wait for confirmations.

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Are you thinking of the possible drawbacks?


hookedin requires you to place your bitcoin in our custody, therefore it is not trustless. To tackle this we have develop hookedin to be provably honest.


hookedin stores your bitcoin offline, therefore our system needs to be online for you to access it. So there's a very small risk that our service could be down at some point.

To mitigate this risk we use the most reliable servers in the market, and are running without problems 99.9% of the time.

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